Paul Francis Electric/Upright Bass player Backing Vocalist

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Paul Francis is an Electric/Upright Bass player Composer and backing vocalist from Camden Town North London. Now residing in Somerset he has worked with

Paul Weller Midge Ure London Beat,The James Taylor Quartet Ian Hunter,Steve Hillage, Maggie Bell & Chris Farlowe Paul Gilbert,Producers Braund Reynolds,Ashley Slater, Carl Verhayen, Mike Mangini & Virgil Donato, Antonio Sanchez name a few.

The future continues to look good for Paul, his new acoustic fusion project Acousticaphillia is now taking shape His new Jazz funk Soul Latin jam in Shaftesbury has been a great success 
and a new show. Kind of Blue "The Miles Davis story" has its 1st outing in march .The Vic Naylor Group (a Tribute to the music of  Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock circa 1975-79 have been doing the rounds including The Swanage Jazz festival and local jazz clubs, 

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What industry professionals have said about  (Paul Francis Electric Upright Bassist and Teacher) 


Phil Hilborne WM Studios/Phil Hilborne Band
May 20, 2011, Paul worked with Phil in the same group

“ Paul is a great player and a masterful motivator of students - He is an asset to anyone he works for - a total professional! “

Phil Hilborne 


Mike Hobart Jazz Critic at freelance
May 20, 2011, Mike worked with Paul but at different companies

“Paul was the reliable and super-funky bass player of choice for a string of bands I played sax with, and for recording sessions. Energetic and brimful of ideas.”

Guy Richman Professional Musician & Drummer
May 20, 2011, Paul worked with Guy in the same group

“Paul is a great guy & equally a great player with at least 30 years experience in the field. His knowledge will be of benefit to anyone who enrolls in the camp....This is an opportunity not to be missed, Good Luck x ‘


Ian Edwards Founder at Guitar Breaks
August 1, 2012, Ian worked with Paul in different groups

“ Paul has buckets of in-built groove and funk, which sit comfortably alongside his vast experience and knowledge. A great communicator who can make you feel at ease while learning, Paul is ideally placed to support, inform and inspire “

Milton Mermikides Composer, guitarist, producer, writer, lecturer.

August 24, 2011, Paul worked with Milton in the same group

“Paul is an excellent bassist and a pleasure to work with.”        

 Alun Harries Music Professional
July 19, 2011, Alun worked with Paul in different groups

“I would like to recommend my great friend Mr Paul Francis, as a great Professional Bass Player, Arranger, Teacher, Clinician, and all round good guy. 

We have worked on so many numerous projects together as a Rhythm Section, and as always Paul delivers, whether it be in the studio or live.

I would be more than ready to recommend him for all your projects, Alun Harries.July 2011.”

Dave Marks Multi-instrumentalist, musician & composer
May 22, 2011, Dave worked with Paul in different groups

“Paul and I have worked together at the IGF, delivering high quality music education to students of all levels and Paul was always held in very high regard by students and staff alike.

I have no doubt that the Croatia bass camp will be a great experience for all involved! “

Pascal Consoli Professional Drummer Music Adventurer
May 21, 2011, Paul worked with Pascal in the same group

“Paul is tons of fun, we laughed for a week non stop on tour. He plays great bass guitar too .. anyone who's played with legendary Steve Hillage is a legend, end of.”

jason sidwell senior tuition editor at Future Publishing
May 20, 2011, jason worked with Paul in different groups

Paul is a fantastic musician and a sympathetic tutor. Having worked closely with him for five years on the Groove Academy course at Bath's renowned International Guitar Festival, he knows what the bass can (and should) do and has an exhaustive knowledge of repertoire right across the genres. At heart, he's a monster jazz groove maestro with a marvelous sense of humour!

Jason Sidwell (BA Hons, MA, ALCM)

senior music editor for Guitar Techniques, Guitarist, Total Guitar magazines 


neville marten Editor of Guitar Techniques at Future Publishing
May 20, 2011, neville worked with Paul in different groups

Paul Francis is that rare combination - a fantastic player and an inspirational teacher. Having watched him at work in both environments I can heartily endorse him as a musician, teacher, colleague and friend. 

Kenny Charles


February 19, 2013, Paul worked with Kenny in the same group


Paul is a No 1 Guy. Good ear and very skill full Bass player. Very       

friendly and experienced in Live performances and studio  recordings. It has been a pleasure on tour working together with you ..Thank you Paul .


Projects & Releases

Paul Weller Live at The BBC 

Ian Hunter Retro-spective Stranded in Reality

Jimmy Litherland has worked with The Greats from Van Morrison to Colluseum

Steve Hillage Band Retrospective Searching for the spark out now 

“A great band. Terrific musicians, all four of them, very very nice indeed” - Paul Jones Rhythm & Blues, BBC Radio 2

“Innovative spark, virtuoso playing and a dare-devil attitude” - Pete Feenstra - Get Ready To Rock, Feb 2017

“When it comes to sexy and sassy Zoe hits it out of the park” - Andy Sniper, Intl music news, April 2017